Promotion advertising in China

Promotion advertising in China
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Promotion advertising in China

Awesome online marketing, smm and advertising in China with us!!!
Comprehensive promotion of foreign companies in China!
1. Chinese web-sites development using DedeCMS, Wordpress. Hosting in HongKong
2. Registration of foreign companies as a seller:
Taobao shop, Aliexpress shop, Tmall shop, Wechat store, Weidian shop
3. We register and setup wechat official account
4. Contextual advertising in the search engine Baidu
5. Registration and post in 20 chinese social networks
6. Help with chinese payment system UnionPay, Alipay Wallet, Wechat Wallet
7. Geolocation marketing in Baidu Maps and Foursquare
8. Promotion pictures in Baidu images
9. Chinese videohostings Youku and Tencent Video - registration and upload video

Alex iurlov
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov
Our web site: promo-in-china (dot) com

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